Choosing Outside Counsel

It always comes when you least expect it – a government inquiry to investigate your business. While it may instill a sense of panic, there are steps you can take to make sure you’re in the best position possible when the investigation begins.

This blog series developed by Chrysty Esperanza, Litigation Counsel at Square, Inc., will address this main question: When you receive a subpoena, CID, or informal request from the government, how should you respond?

How do you find the right lawyer to conduct an internal investigation?

When an issue arises that requires an internal investigation, determining who handles the investigation may have a significant impact on the investigation itself. There are basically two options:  use in-house resources or hire outside counsel.  Usually, it is preferable to hire outside counsel, especially where the issues being investigated are serious or involve concerns as to management integrity.  Doing so conveys to the government that you are taking the investigation seriously.  Engaging outside counsel also provides more credibility where senior management are being asked to provide information, and demonstrates your appreciation and understanding of the complexity of the investigation.  It also conveys to senior management internally the seriousness of the matter.  In addition, outside counsel can provide a fresh and objective perspective on your internal practices and may even provide an opportunity to benchmark your business with industry standards and best practices of other companies.
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